About me

Marek Kozel is a freelance web developer and search engine optimization specialist.  He has worked individually for businesses and individuals, as well as a team player in corporate businesses, contributing in the areas of:

  • TYPO3 CMS website/extension development
  • Web applications developement (PHP,HTML/XML/CSS,Javascript,MySql)
  • Search engine optimization (SEO)
  • Project management
  • Affiliate Marketing

He has had many opportunities to develop projects on multiple platforms, allowing him to gain a breadth of knowledge in various technologies. The full list of knowledges.


He born in year 1972 in town Kosice  and living in region Liptov from 1986. His second home is in the Switzerland /Baar ZG/ where he lives for 4 years and spending some time each year. Studied at Faculty of Management Science and Informatics  at the University of Žilina. He is self-employed freelancer from year 1996. Also married and he has 2 child's. I'm ready to relocate and live with my family in Switzerland.

I have worked closely with Marek on several projects during last 11 years and found him to be conscientious and always willing and able to take on each new challenge.
He is a very dynamic person who is willing to do everything necessary to deliver the right solution, on time and to the required quality. He is also a good team player, often sharing ideas and knowledge with other technical team members.

Markus Hess, CEO
syseca AG, Switzerland